If you have watched the Avengers and every other possible Marvel movie like our team has, you would know that the team of the original five is legendary. It doesn’t matter how great the new additions were; the original team defined excellence. However, what truly set them apart was the dedication and aura of glorious purpose in each and every one of them; they loved what they did and they let you know it too. As members of From Sea to Sea at AlumNav, we aspire to hone the same qualities that define our favorite superheroes.

From Sea to Sea is an initiative working towards providing international students with the opportunity to become more involved in the community. This project will involve hosting virtual events involving panelists with careers and experience in various fields, small study groups to encourage a smart studying method as well as a mentorship program. We want to encourage international students to become much more involved in their communities in order to ease their transition into their new educational system. We hope to have events running at full speed by January 2022!

Here’s a snapshot of the amazing events we have planned:

  • Panelist Session
    • Experienced individuals who were once international students and are now excelling in their respective fields
  • Small Study Groups
    • Weekly study sessions on a drop-in basis
    • Increases engagement among students
  • Career Counseling Sessions
    • A experienced professional who can help provide resume, cover letter, and interview assistance
    • Make helpful resources accessible to students
  • Mentoring Sessions
    • Pair incoming international students with experienced mentors (second year or later university/college students)
    • To help students have their questions answered quickly and allow for weekly check-ins to provide immediate assistance

Our team hopes to use this opportunity at AlumNav to turn the tables and make a difference in the lives of those in need. Through informing students and working towards easing their transition into the new and ever changing educational system, a welcoming environment can be created for those who have yet to experience it.

Change is hard. Our human instincts literally tell us to exhaust every possible option before accepting that change is inevitable. Moving to an entirely new place and working hard to get a handle on things is one of the most difficult changes to accept. Aside from the fact that our name comes from the fact that Canada’s land masses touch the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, From Sea to Sea emphasizes how much we’d love for students from all parts of the world to find companions and take advantage of the truly amazing events our team has planned.

To get the latest updates on the events, follow us on Instagram @fromseatosea2022 or email us at fromseatosea@alumnav.org. Stay tuned for some amazing opportunities.