This scientific team consists of a group of four ecstatically aspiring researchers/innovators ready to embark on this new journey of discovery through the lens of herbal sports, and community medicine. 

The team hopes to explore different types of problems in these fields and apply the knowledge gained to the vast field of health care. Through their work, they aim to research herbal medicine as a natural alternative for medicinal drugs while exploring their anxiolytic, pain relief, and injury recovery effects. The team’s interests more specifically lie in emergency medicine, such as first aid, with goals of using this research to produce tangible products to assist injury rehabilitation and wound recovery. 

Moving forward, the team aims to use different methods of research which include, but are not limited to, statistical or epidemiological data, surveys, clinical trials, lab-related experiments, and more to achieve their research goals. They hope to raise more awareness about allopathic medicine and its benefits through bringing more mainstream light to it in local medical communities. They envision reaching out to communities to share their knowledge through different media forms which includes creating documentaries, publishing research papers, writing articles, and voicing their thoughts on social media platforms. In all the team’s aspirations, their purpose is to improve their communities’ understanding of alternative and community medicine while enlightening themselves along the way.