YouthConnect aims to create an accessible, interdisciplinary knowledge translation hub for high school students — one that is more than just a classroom experience, and has the capacity to inspire the next generation of healthcare workers. Our engaging outreach initiatives are centred around empowering students to cultivate valuable medical experiences, broaden their career horizons, and further develop their passion for medicine, healthcare, and research.

The YouthConnect team is currently spearheading two main projects. We will be hosting an international, multi-day healthcare conference for high school students in the summer of 2022, featuring guest speakers with extensive knowledge about biotechnology, medicine, research, public health, and various other groundbreaking fields. Leading up to our conference, we’ll also be releasing monthly installments of our webinar series, similarly focused on medicine, healthcare, and biology.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Huynh
Team Lead
Westmount Charter School, Alberta, Canada

Rashi Bhavsar 
Scientific Director 
Bangalore University, Karnataka, India
Joy Feng
Scientific Director
Western University, Ontario, Canada

Caroline Tian
Scientific Director
Handsworth Secondary School, British Columbia, Canada
Maya Kabasawa
Scientific Director
Bayridge Secondary School, Ontario, Canada

Zani Zartashah 
Project Advisor 
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada