The NAVigating the World team is dedicated to raising awareness about systemic discrimination in Canada by curating videos on their NAVigating the World Youtube Channel. They hope the project can help audiences better contextualize the impacts of this social issue on different Canadian industries and historical events. 

The NAVigating the World team is looking to establish long term initiatives that would help spread awareness and spark conversations about social topics with context to Canada. Their passions have fueled their curiosity to seek a better understanding of how they can assist in dismantling inequity and other barriers on a community and global level. In the past months, the team has conducted extensive research about systemic discrimination in Canada. They have learned that unfortunately, systemic discrimination is a multi-layered problem that continues to plague the country due to the pre-established systems that fail to prevent, and sometimes even encourage discrimination. Furthermore, they have also discovered that such a system can reward individuals that partake in prejudicial activities and burden those affected with a fear of being authentic and ambitious. 

The NTW team members and their avatars

Based on some of these conclusions, the team is determined to piece together a comprehensive outlook on this topic by acknowledging the numerous perspectives of those around them, as well as utilizing their own opinions. Thus, the team translates their knowledge into a Youtube series, where they create educational videos to explore the contextualization and effects of systemic discrimination in Canada. The team aims to target the videos towards youth who seek to better support the underrepresented as a better ally. The videos will be informational and engaging as they will be supplemented by the team’s previous research as well as interviews from experts in the field.

They hope that the in-depth analysis these videos provide can help the youth better understand the importance of standing up against discrimination and biogtry in all aspects of life. The long-term goal through this initiative is to raise awareness about some of the prevalent social issues in Canada, and to encourage others to help create a welcoming space where everyone can express themselves freely.

The NTW Youtube Channel logo and banner

Stay tuned for upcoming videos and get ready to… Navigate the World!