The Bioscope is a newsletter series that seeks to empower and make scientific information accessible for all individuals. Oftentimes, scientific information is complicated to understand and difficult to comprehend without a scientific background. We however, want to simplify and explain scientific concepts and topics in an unbiased manner. We aim to cover a variety of scientific topics. Each month, we have a different theme and we focus on topics pertaining to our chosen theme.

The Bioscope consists of three hardworking, ambitious and optimistic high school students- Shreya Ravi Shankar (Team Head), Farah Abubaker and Nouran. They are passionate about science, research and giving back to the community. They understand the importance of sharing scientific knowledge and are working towards making scientific information more accessible.

The Bioscope is an opportunity to learn and explore various scientific topics and fields. The newsletters will also consist of a section that will include a local organization or charity in order to connect with different organizations and endorse the various initiatives in the community. 

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