Aurora by AlumNav is an initiative that serves to promote mental health through music. Thus far, the team has interviewed music therapy specialist, Rachael Finnerty, conducted a nation-wide survey to better understand those who will be impacted, and researched about the interconnectivity between music and mental health to create various forms of content—including articles and infographics—that explore this subject.

Since March of 2021, members of Aurora have been working on their first project named ‘Aurora by Alumnav.’ They envision this initiative to be a digital platform that leverages the transformative power of music to promote mental health. Thus far, they have conducted and analyzed a general survey in order to better understand the interests and opinions of potential viewers and, in doing so, aided the design of the initiative. They have also interviewed Rachael Finnerty, a music therapy specialist from McMaster University, and are planning on interviewing more specialists in the future to further consolidate their understanding of the uses of music in therapy and general individual wellness. 

Moving forward, they will be actualizing their platform with the shared vision of benefiting our future platform users as they undertake website designing and development, conduct primary and secondary research, and more! As a way of initiating their website, the team has collaboratively worked to research about ‘How Music Affects Mental Health?’ as a prompt for creating multiple content ideas, such as designing infographics, writing articles, and recording podcasts. They plan to create various more content ideas for users to benefit from, thus adding value to the interactive website.

Interview with music therapy specialist, Rachael Finnerty, from McMaster University.

The content that the team creates will then be posted on their Publications page, where they will compile all of their past publications. Additional pages they plan on incorporating into the website include a Home page, where users can subscribe to be notified of Aurora’s publication releases, a Resources page, where a variety of mental health resources will be posted, such as contact information for mental health resources and de-stressing activities; and an Events page, where users will be able to engage in interactive activities, including presentations by keynote speakers and meditation sessions.