Every month, Ask Aloud’s team of talk show hosts work tirelessly to complete the preparations for the release of their monthly episodes which premiere the last Friday of every month! These monthly episodes not only answer a specific question every episode but are very entertaining leaving watchers, in the words of one of their amazing viewers, “laughing the whole way through.”

Welcome to Ask Aloud, where the main theme of our talk show is all about utilizing their curiosity, knowledge, and “detective skills” if you will, to answer a specific question every episode. The team’s episodes answer a variety of questions from who we are (which you can check out in their first episode), to ways to de-stress (which you can check out in their second episode which will be premiering August 27), to ways to gain financial independence.

Ask Aloud’s team of talk show hosts consists of 4 high school students, Akshaya, Khadija, Monika and Rameen. They strongly believe that we have a responsibility to create a safe space for our audience to not only gain knowledgeable information about a variety of student-related topics, but to create a place where our (in the words of one of their viewers) “friendly and charismatic personalities” can amuse, as well as comfort young adults.

Their vision is to create a talk show where students can relax, and be entertained, whilst learning critical subjects such as financial literacy. In this world, there is always stress. However, as the saying goes in a tale where any fearsome foe arrives, fear not, for help is here; in the form of Ask Aloud’s episodes. With discussions focusing on all aspects of life, everyone and anyone can find something meaningful to them at Ask Aloud! You can watch their latest episodes on their YouTube channel, or listen to them on Spotify, and updates on future episodes are always available on their Instagram page!