AlumBuzz works to deliver and implement ideas for projects and initiatives targeted towards Canadian high school students. The members of this team are the proud founders of AlumNav’s first magazine: AlumBuzz! As an extension of their magazine project, they have also released a news outlet known as AlumNav News.

The AlumBuzz team is proud and excited to host AlumNav’s magazine series: AlumBuzz! This is an initiative led by students to shed light on a range of topics pertaining to high schoolers and features exciting interviews from university students and professionals! The team hopes to release a new issue quarterly, covering unique and exciting viewpoints and subtopics and feature different university programs to provide high schoolers with inspiring and informative content! The magazine covers four overarching topics: High School Life, Youth Empowerment, University Life & Beyond, and Global News. Within these large topics, there are different subtopics for each issue & theme.

Our first issue, the May 2021 version, is a STEM edition and features topics like climate change, emerging technologies, and interviews from Canadian STEM students! Our second issue, the September 2021 version, features a business edition and a back-to-school guide. It covers various different topics, including the Ivy Lee Method for productivity, teen finances, greenwashing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the job market, and how to combine legal and business interests! This issue also features select Canadian undergraduate business programs and an interview from a University of Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student. Also, there are interviews with business professionals and a talented small business owner who is a current undergraduate student!

The team is also expanding its efforts to a broader news outlet known as “AlumNav News,” which will continue to target the youth population. As part of this expansion, AlumBuzz Magazine will also be merging with the AlumNav News project. To receive sneak peeks about the new AlumBuzz Magazine issues and upcoming updates for future initiatives, follow the team on their Instagram account