With increasing standards of living and accessibility to information resources, the notion of “thinking big” has never been so applicable as in the modern day. Yet, the desire to launch community initiatives, projects, and research on one’s passion continues to be suppressed. This hesitancy can be explained by one’s fear of rejection and failure. Other times, it can be explained by an inability to find like-minded people. Worse yet, an idea may be withheld because it is thought to be too ambitious. At AlumNav, we encourage our members to think big, escaping the “school assignment completion” mentality that inevitably drains our motivation to work towards a real-life, tangible goal that has a genuine impact on the lives of people.

At our organization, we foster open-mindedness, but also the leadership that is required to enact big ideas. Our mission is not only to create bold projects that share knowledge with the world, but our long-term vision is to have the experiences of creating those projects stay with our team, inspiring them to make bold contributions long after their time with AlumNav. Therefore, we focus not only on short-term impact, but on generational change for our audience and our team.

Our system has been designed to not only allow for maximal creativity, but also for maximal leadership experiences for our team members. Our staff has meticulously designed our organization structure to meet those criteria by combining the most attractive features from leadership logistics used by the Canadian military, businesses, nonprofits, and youth-led organizations. Our final product is an organization whose staff does not work for the executives, but rather, works and receives credit for the extraordinary initiatives that they launch out of passion.