• Meducation Interview Series

YouthConnect releases periodic instalments of an interview series centred around research and practice in medicine and healthcare, featuring prominent guest speakers. Our webinars will be accompanied by educational media, including articles, infographics, and videos.

  • 2022 Summer Healthcare Conference

YouthConnect will be hosting a medical conference for high school students in the summer of 2022. The conference will feature guest speakers with a breadth of experience and knowledge, including researchers, professors, medical students, and healthcare professionals. Interactive workshops, lectures, and Q&A sessions will allow students to explore a variety of themes within medicine, such as:

  1. Social topics: public health, epidemiology, healthcare management, biomedical ethics
  2. Biotechnology: biomedical engineering, robotics, biophysics, bioinformatics/computational biology
  3. Novel research: epigenetics, gut microbiome, mental wellness, oncology 
  4. Clinical practice: paramedicine, first aid, surgery, various medical specialities, pharmacology
  5. Medical careers and education: medical school admissions, career options in healthcare