AlumnEyes seeks to shine a light on the problems present in our communities through biweekly Community Snapshots. From climate change to homelessness, AlumnEyes writers hope to combine research and first-hand observations to target a wide variety of social and scientific topics pertaining to communities all around. Additionally, readers will be able to submit their own shortened Community Snapshots in the form of Public Voices. For those wishing to share their own observations or experiences on a community-wide issue, feel free to fill out the Public Voices submission form provided below.

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AlumnEyes invites everyone to share their own observations on a problem or concern in their community with the rest of the world. Public Voices are akin to a shorter Community Snapshot, written in a more anecdotal manner. The submission form for Public Voices is publicly available by clicking on the Publish Your Article button below.

While finding concerns about people, places, and locations is sometimes easy, it is often difficult to picture the extent to which they affect the community. It is even more daunting to establish a real connection or passion for a cause that is not fully understood.

AlumnEyes is an initiative designed to provide interesting, digestible articles known as Community Snapshots, which detail problems seen, observed, or experienced in their communities. Their subject matter can range from almost any social or scientific topic relating to a prevalent community-wide issue, and every Snapshot revolves entirely on the personal interests of the authors; these may include food shortages, discrimination, rising NGOs or NPOs, or even recent scientific findings that particularly impact certain groups or locations. Each Snapshot takes limited information, such as personal observations, and compiles it with other components, such as online research, anecdotal tales, current mitigation strategies, and more, in order to present their topic clearly and accurately. The notion of “community” can also be very broad. It could refer to a specific area, an institution, or even a group of people affected by the issue. All in all, each Snapshot contributes its own unique takes on a topic, even when there are overlapping topics addressed for each cycle of posts. 

The goal of AlumnEyes is simple: to raise awareness and understanding on the many issues communities are experiencing for readers and writers alike, and, one day, encourage these individuals to take action on one of the various Community Snapshot topics themselves. Thus, AlumNav encourages readers and writers alike to view the Snapshots in relation to themselves and think critically about which qualities they can observe in their local communities.

Readers may also find that they have something to say as well, and AlumnEyes invites them to share their own observations on a problem or concern in their communities with the rest of the world. Public Voices are akin to a shorter, informal Community Snapshot, written in a more informal and anecdotal manner. The application form for Public Voices is publicly available on this page, with specific details included directly on the form. 

Community Snapshots are released on a bi-weekly basis, on every second Friday from the previous release. Public Voices are released as-they-come, after approval and a round of meticulous review.