Information retention and understanding go hand in hand where understood material remains in the brain for longer. In a world revolving around education and where the majority of individuals are looking towards a post-secondary education, developing proper studying habits and time management skills are crucial in achieving the results you want. For some, reviewing the notes would be enough to do well, but for others, this method may not prove to be the most effective. The Pomodoro technique and Feynman’s learning techniques all assist in a more effective study session which is important to maximize the use of your time. 

The Pomodoro technique allows for a better structure to learn and study the lessons taught in class. The technique involves setting a timer for 25 minutes where you are focused on only completing a task. This allows for you to focus on one task at a time and ignore all other stresses on your mind. After 25 minutes have passed, take a good five minute break and then continue what you had planned for another 25 minutes. Every 4 rounds of Pomodoro, you can extend your break allowing for your brain to receive the rest it needs. Staying focused for a long duration of time can be difficult, and distractions can turn the 5 minute breaks into 30 minute breaks without you realizing. This technique teaches self-discipline and control where individuals must stay accountable regarding their work. 

Using Feynman’s learning technique, it ensures that you are able to understand the content to a degree where you can explain it using simple words for everyone to understand. When studying, list out the topics you wish to be studying and either write out written explanations or verbally explain the topic using simple language. Pretend as if you are the teacher teaching it to someone else actively remembering details of a concept. This also allows you to identify holes in your learning indicating material that you should review. Establishing simple understandings of hard concepts displays true understanding and knowing a subject rather than simply memorizing words and general ideas of a topic. 

With good studying techniques, there should be good note taking that accompany it. Using Cornell’s note taking allows for easy reviewing of class material. With the page sectioned off into notes, summary and questions, it is an easy to follow note taking general format that allows for students to find answers to their questions better. Having notes that only include important information that is spaced out throughout the page in an easy to follow format allows the mind to find the necessary information faster. 

Applying these techniques and strategies allow for greater ability for individuals to understand concepts and learning towards how to understand their material on a deeper level. Always be sure to take breaks when studying as the brain can only handle so much information at once, and be sure to sleep. 

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