By: Anonymous

It has been almost 3 years since the beginning of the pandemic. Anxiety persists as we continue to take precautions against this virus, and the push for vaccination continues. Although we have been told to get vaccinated, what are its contents, and how exactly do they work to help us? There are many controversies and concerns surrounding this subject. Although there are widespread vaccine myths that suggest vaccines contain tracking chips or cause autism, vaccines were created with the sole purpose to protect you from experiencing severe symptoms should you ever contract COVID-19. 

Doubt and fear derives from the lack of knowledge one may have towards the potential risks and outcomes of vaccination. To gain confidence in the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, one must try to have an open mind and understand the mechanisms of how the vaccines work. There are various types of vaccines that have been effectively used in our lives, including live-attenuated and subunit vaccines. Live-attenuated vaccines contain a pathogen in a weakened form to allow your body to recognize it and develop necessary immune responses to counter the virus; subunit vaccines contain either small pieces or a small part of the pathogen which our bodies would recognize and learn to target. On the other hand, The COVID-19 vaccine uses mRNA – it inserts mRNA within the body to produce viral proteins and activate an immune response. This is meant to coax the immune system into developing similar responses if COVID-19 emerges within our body, protecting against future COVID-19 viral exposure. 

The COVID-19 vaccine is the product of rigorous and extensive research before being permitted to be administered to the general public. For the sake of your health and the community’s safety, get your shot as soon as possible. 

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