Our Vision

Despite the rapid growth of technology and other means of effective communication, knowledge and ambitions are still often withheld by those who have the means to share them. It has become the case that the mind itself, fearing failure and rejection, prevents ideas from ever becoming a reality. At AlumNav, we create a supportive, inspirational, and professional environment for like-minded people to conquer those reservations, mastering the elements of leadership and innovation through experience.

AlumBuzz Issue #2

In addition to overviews on Canadian undergraduate business programs, this issue covers a range of different topics, including the Ivy Lee Method for productivity, teen finances, greenwashing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the job market, and how to combine your legal and business interests! It features interviews with a University of Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student, business professionals, and a talented small business owner who is a current undergraduate student!

AlumNav seeks to engage individuals and communities through multiple mediums, touching the lives of as many people as we can. From publishing magazines, to hosting a public platform for awareness articles, to releasing talk show episodes, the AlumNav Community has something for everyone.
At AlumNav, we strongly believe that gaining knowledge about the world is crucial to understanding and appreciating the life we live. We aim to contribute to this vision by offering a reliable, accessible, and concise platform for individuals to learn about what happens around us.
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